Meeting Minutes Template

Meeting Minutes TemplateAre you a manager or team lead looking for staff meeting minutes template to record your meeting minutes efficiently? Are you a project lead or just a project member looking for a project meeting minutes template to manage project meetings successfully? Regardless of whom you’re, whenever you run a meeting, you should always have a good meeting minutes document to make sure that all the topics in the meeting agenda are covered, and more importantly, action items, responsible person for each action item as well as the due date are clearly written down. To help you write meeting minutes more effectively and efficiently, we provide you with a list of free template for meeting minutes. You do not need to spend on expensive meeting minutes software to write precise and concise meeting minutes. All you need is Microsoft Office application. Our meeting minutes templates are in Word document template, so they are very simple to use. The templates give you a ready-to-use meeting minutes format, so you just have to fill out the content of your meeting into appropriate sections. Also, all the templates are fully customizable. You can modify the templates to suit your business needs. You can also save the modified version of the template as your new template and reuse it again and again in your next meetings.

Information included in the meeting minutes template

A typical meeting minutes document should cover the following essential information:

  • The name of meeting or project
  • Meeting’s date, time and location
  • List all attendees and their signatures.
  • The topics discussed in the meeting; you should only note down important information to avoid clustering the meeting minutes with information that is not essential.
  • Decision makers of the meeting should be written down in the meeting minutes
  • Actions items that everyone agreed upon, who is responsible for each action item and the deadline of each.
  • Materials distributed at the meeting such as presentation, books, etc., if yes indicate the source of those documents such as copies or links.
  • Information on who was taking meeting minutes and approval person if required.
  • Follow up meeting schedule is very important so that when you send the meeting minutes, everyone knows when he or she needs to keep stakeholders informed.
  • The meeting minutes should also include detailed information about when, where, and why of the follow-up meeting.

Information should not be included in the meeting minutes

You should not include all unnecessary information in the meeting minutes that does not bring values to the proceeding of your organization. Below are a couple of examples of information that should not be included in the meeting minutes:

  • The understanding or interpretation of the recorder
  • Discussion: You should note down what was done not what was said at the meeting.
  • Judgmental phrases from attendees, e.g., “excellent ideas”  “valuable comment”  “heated debate”….

Nowadays, meeting minutes are the official record of a company.  It is very important to keep them precise and accurate because the meeting minutes are the legal documentation of the proceedings and actions of a company.

Download Meeting Minutes Templates

Start browsing the meeting minutes templates below and downloading the one that best suits your needs. Feel free to customize it if you want.