Project Meeting Minutes Template

Project Meeting Minutes TemplateAre you a project lead or project member looking for project meeting minutes template to record you meeting minutes fast and effectively? In this section, you will find a lot of project meeting minutes templates that provide an excellent starting point to your project meeting. The project meeting minutes includes not only clear summarized what was discussed but also list of action items.  It is crucial that the action items are documented clearly and distributed quickly so the project team members have enough time to follow up on their to do list and may ask for clarification. It is the best if the project meeting minutes are prepared and distributed within the day of having the meeting.

What information should be included in the project meeting minutes template

The following information should be included in the project meeting minutes templates:

  • Meeting date, time and location
  • Meeting objectives
  • Open /Closed  issues
  • Action items review with status update
  • Project schedule review
  • New action items
  • Risk management

Download the project meeting minutes templates

Start browsing the project meeting minutes template below and find the one that suit your needs. Feel free to customize it to suit your needs.