Weekly Staff Meeting Minutes Template

If you are looking for weekly staff meeting minutes template, you can download a professional meeting minutes template on this page.

The template provides you with all necessary information fields to allow you to write meeting minutes effectively.

In the first block, you can fill out the following information:

  • Meeting name
  • Date and Time of the meeting
  • Meeting’s Purposes. You can add multiple purposes if it is suitable.
  • Meeting’s Leader
  • And person who prepare the meeting minutes.
In the second block, you can add a list of attendees with their name, position as well as the special note for each participant.
In the third block, you can add meeting notes, decisions and issues that discussed in the meeting.
Finally, the action items block is very important. At the end of the meeting, a list of action item as well as responsible person and due date must be written down clearly before you distribute the meeting minutes to the participants and stakeholders.

Customizing Staff Meeting Minutes Template

The staff meeting minutes template is in Microsoft Word document format so it is fairly simple to use. In addition, the template is totally modifiable so that you can customize it to make it suitable to your business.

  • At the top left section, you can add you own business logo by selecting the logo picture and replace by yours using insert picture.
  • The confidential stamp is available in the template. If  the content of the meeting is not confidential, you can easily to remove it.
  • If your company has standard color scheme for branding, you can change the background color, fonts and text color.

Download staff meeting minutes template

The download file is in ZIP format so you should extract it first before doing any customization work. You can use any ZIP program such as Winzip, Winrar or 7zip to extract the file.

Take few minutes to download the meeting minutes template and start using it. It will save you a lot of time and efforts on drafting a professional staff meeting minutes template.